1. Let us know where and when you're available.  Email us at citysound@city-sound.org

2. Check our schedule to see what days and times you are available

3. After we confirm your dates through email, get ready to make a difference in someone's life!


If you have a State issued Drivers License we are always looking for drivers for our smaller trucks, vans and even passenger vehicles with full coverage insurance.


If you slice, dice, serve and help clean up after meals, we want you! Our kids and staff get 3 healthy meals per day while on the road, including a couple snacks. No need to be Wolfgang Puck just willing to be part of a team that insures our corps get their proper daily nutrients. Actually you don’t even have no knowledge of cooking is always needed. You just need to be part of the City Sound Team Volunteer and enjoy watching our kids become the best Drum Corps possible. 

Uniform Care 

Can you mend rips and tears? Have a few basic sewing skills? If so we need you. In Drum Corps, our uniforms take one heck of a pounding and need to be repaired every now and then, so even basic sewing skills are greatly appreciated. Our Laundry is done during rehearsal days when on the road, and when at home we make sure all uniforms and flags are cleaned and ready for the next show.  
City Sound Promotions (T-shirts and souvenirs) 

 Do you like talking to people? Do you have the gift of gab and LOVE selling things? Then this is totally for you! Selling City Sound souvenirs is a huge and important part of our corps, all the while helping our kids with new equipment and needed supplies.  City Sound Promotions sets up at the stadium before the show, and stays open until after the show. If you love to meet people and make new friends while selling souvenirs, then this is truly for you. 
Medical Personnel 

Are you medical personnel? Doctor, Nurse, LVN CNA Medical personnel are needed to ensure the physical well being of the members, staff, and volunteers. 

Tour Assistants

Are you really quick on your feet? Possibly a self-starter? Then we need a couple people that can do a lot of the day-to-day items for the corps that the staff cannot get to, i.e.: paper work, errands, and phone calls. If this is you, then you’re just what we’re looking for! Come-on and join our team. No experience necessary.

Drum and Bugle Corps can’t survive without volunteers, which are a vital part of any Drum Corps survival. If you have even 5 minuets to volunteer, you will be helping our kids become one of the top Drum and Bugle Corps in the country, and getting them closer to living their dream,whiich would be truly appreciated. Below are the different categories available where we can really use your help. 

City Sound Drum and Bugle Corps